Annual Report


Annual Report: Fall 2016



Dear DCA Family,
Your commitment to DCA and Christian Education is greatly appreciated and we always want to ensure that you are informed about the status of programs and our school in general. Our goal in this email is to update you concerning several items of interest to our school family. Please share this information with others and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the school office.

1. Status of Warrior Complex – We have been very blessed with many generous donations toward the building of our Warrior Complex. The estimated cost of this facility addition is around $2,000,000 and to date we have raised $200,000. These funds are in a restricted account to only be spent for the next phase of our facility. We realize the value the addition of a gymnasium and additional space will bring to our school, but the school board is committed to not going into further debt to make this dream a reality. Any debt incurred would mean tuition would have to increase to cover the additional mortgage and we do not want families to shoulder the burden of that debt. In an effort to make the Warrior Complex more immediately affordable, the Future’s Committee is in the process of meeting with a contractor to obtain a quote on a somewhat scaled down version which would be expandable as we grow. We will share that information when it is available. In the meantime, we ask that you pray for God’s provision and also invite you to join us in this fundraising effort. We will continue to search for donors who would like to partner with us in expanding our facilities. If you know of someone who would be interested in hearing more about the vision of this expansion, please contact me at 502-545-2613.

2. DCA Class of 2017 Accolades: We are very blessed to have a senior class of 15 students this year. This will be our largest graduating class to date. Out of the 15 seniors, three have attended DCA since preschool, another four since kindergarten and an additional three have attended DCA for at least 10 years. The composite ACT score of our senior class is currently 25. This past summer two members of the class were chosen at the state level to participate in the five-week Governor’s Scholar Program. We also had two students from the class represent DCA in the American Legion Boy’s State and Girl’s State. This group of seniors is truly a blessing to our school and they are doing an excellent job leading our high school student body. Please be watching for some specific student highlights over the next couple months.
3. Enrollment: Our current enrollment is 170, which is somewhat lower than normal. For the past several years our enrollment has been very steady between 191 and 200 or so. Please know that, although we are not worried, we take this decline in numbers seriously, and are taking measures to determine and address possible causes. On a more positive note, within the past couple of weeks we have enrolled two new students and have another 3 or 4 who are very interested in enrolling and will be shadowing classes very soon. Thank you for the positive words you share about DCA with your family and friends. Word of mouth is our very best advertisement!

4. Academic Achievements: Danville Christian Academy kindergarten – 8th grade scored at the 80 percentile on this past year’s Terra Nova Standardized Test. This score means that our students scored as well as or better than 80 out of 100 students in the normed group. The TerraNova is one of the most respected and widely used achievement tests, measuring mastery in the core subjects, and is used in some of the top ranking private schools in the nation.

5. Accreditation: DCA is accredited by AdvancED. AdvancED is a national accrediting agency which also accredits public education institutions. We are in the process of preparing for our re-accreditation visit which occurs every five years. Our team visit will occur in March 2017. The accreditation process is a very rigorous accountability measure and takes a look into all aspects of our school. Maintaining accreditation ensures that our school continues a high level of excellence in all areas. Accreditation also allows graduating students to have access to KEES scholarship money when they graduate.

6. DCA Board of Directors: Danville Christian Academy is overseen by a board of directors, all of which are parents of students at the school. DCA’s Board is a working board which functions through committee work. The working committees of the board are: Spiritual Life, Education, Finance, Technology, Athletics, Futures, and Public Relations. The executive committee members of the Board are: Fred Sizemore- Chairman, Billy Inmon- Vice-Chairman, Mark Brunner- Treasure, and Rachel Dadisman- Secretary. Remaining board members are Wes Douglas, Michelle Martin, Greg Slone, Bridgette Lienes, Kathy Howard, Rebecca Stevens, Michelle Gilbert, and John Johnson. DCA’s School Board meetings are at 6:30 PM the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We welcome and encourage you to join us for our open meeting. We are grateful for the time and effort our board members give in service to our school.

God has blessed us with an amazing school where students are taught the truths of His Word, challenged by excellent academics, and loved like family. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your family.
Blessed Beyond Measure,
Debbie Lucas

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