Parable of the Talents Challenge

Based on the Parable of the Talents, K-12th grade DCA students were each given $20 and challenged to invest the money in a project that would use their God-given gifts to grow the money. ¬†Students were given only one month to complete the challenge and were asked to donate all proceeds to DCA’s future Warrior Complex. Projects were varied: students sold homemade art, dog treats, cookies, decorated planters, jewelry, and t-shirts among many other creative ideas.

At the end of the month, student donations totaled $16,735.95!











Prizes were given to students in various categories who raised the most capital:

Top individual earners from each grade:

  • K – Makayla Sizemore
  • 1st ¬†– Woods Martin
  • 2nd – Caleb Kennedy
  • 3rd – Gentry Osbourne
  • 4th – Frederick Fuller
  • 5th – Caleb Sims
  • 6th – Elizabeth Robertson
  • 7th – Seth Stomberger
  • 8th – Loren Ladd
  • 9th – Grace Crall
  • 10th – Josh Asmus
  • 11th – Landon Sears
  • 12th – Logan Curtis

Top Individual Earner Overall:

  • Nathaniel Breeding

Top Sibling Groups:

  • Inmon Family
  • Meyer Family

Top Non-sibling Groups:

  • Becca Tarter/Jenny Beth Cox
  • Evy Float/Kemitha Sims