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DCA Fitness Challenge Spring 2020


Goal: A friendly and fun competition between the DCA students that will provide the side benefit of increasing your strength. Open to all DCA students grades 7-12

It will be a ladder system. The competition proceeds via a system of challenges. Any player can challenge a player above them on the ladder. These challenges generally should not or cannot be declined. If the lower-placed player wins the match, then the two players swap places on the ladder.  The idea is to compete with the person just above you on the ladder. Challenges will be done by video and Mr. Sears will be the judge of the performance. The challenges will be on a single movement. You do not have to challenge someone on all the movements at once.

We will have prizes
Overall winner for each movement (1 for boys, 1 for girls)
Most improved in each movement (1 for boys, 1 for girls)
We will also keep track by grade level

Girl's Contests

Boy's Contests