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Middle School

Dress Code


• Any solid color polo shirt, long or short sleeved, is allowed. Shirts must have no design pattern of any kind and no logo
on the front larger than a credit card. These shirts may be worn un-tucked.
• Oxford shirts, rounded-collar blouses and DCA T-shirts are also allowed to be worn untucked.
• A plain turtle neck, mock turtle-neck or T-shirt may be worn under an approved shirt for warmth.
• No thermal shirts may be worn.

Sweaters, Vests, and Sweatshirts

• Any color sweater or sweater vest, V-neck, cardigan, or crew neck may be worn over approved shirt in solid navy,
red, white or gray. They may be hooded but may not be tied around the waist or neck. Sweaters may have zippers
or buttons.
• Sweatshirts are also allowed in V-neck or crew-neck, however. DCA “hoodies” are allowed in the classroom.
• Crew-neck sweatshirts may be worn alone. 
• Any shirt worn underneath a sweater/vest or sweatshirt may hang below the sweater/vest or sweatshirt.
• Students may wear black, white, navy, or grey light weight solid color (fleece) jackets in the building.

Pants, Skirts, Shorts and Capris

• These must be in the approved DCA plaid, navy or khaki color only.
• Cargo pants and shorts are acceptable.
• Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.
• Solid leggings may be worn under skirts and dresses that are not shorter than 2” above the knee.


• Outerwear must be left in the student’s locker.

Shoes, Boots, and Socks

• All shoes must have enclosed toes and heels.
• No shoe skates, crocs, sandals, clogs, flip-flops or light-ups.
• Boots must be brown or black only, free of distracting decorations.
• Boots may be worn with tights and a skirt of appropriate length.
• Socks or tights are required and must be reasonable solid colors.

Accessories and Headgear

• Sashes or anything with sequins, jewels, etc. are acceptable as belts.
• Accessories such as hair bows should be reasonable in size so as not to be distractive. No more than 2 pairs of earrings
may be worn at one time for females.
• No visible pierced jewelry is allowed for boys. Facial or tongue jewelry is not permitted for either gender.
• No visible tattoos are permitted. The must be covered with clothing, not bandages.
• Hats, bandanas, sweatbands or sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in the building during the school day.


• Boys’ hair should be modest in length, not obscure their eyes and neatly kept.
• Non-distracting, close cut facial hair is acceptable. If extra liberties are taken with this issue, the headmaster may
determine what is considered acceptable.
• Hair coloring/dyes should not be distracting. Only “natural” colors will be allowed. Any extreme colors (blue, pink,
green, purple, etc.) will not be allowed.
• Cultural hairstyles are permitted as long as they are not excessive or distractive.

Dress Down Day Apparel

• Occasionally there will be a dress down day given to a grade level or a group of students as a reward. This is a
day when students may wear clothing other than the regular DCA dress-code.
• Students are still expected to have a neat appearance, wearing appropriate clothing. Jean shorts no shorter than
2” above the knee are allowed. No holes or rips are allowed. Apparel not acceptable include: pajama pants,
jeans with tears or holes, basketball shorts, baggy T-shirts, or hats. Footwear will follow the dress code.